“Refreshing and understanding” – William, Sydney

I found it increasing difficult to earn a solid income due to having ongoing health issues over the past 5 years. This resulted in attending hospital at least twice per year. I ended up having to rely on my superannuation to meet my financial commitments.

Over the past 12 months I have really struggled to meet all my financial commitments. One creditor suggested to me that I speak to a company that specialises in debt solutions and potentially think of bankruptcy.

I was rather embarrassed and uncomfortable to follow this procedure. I’m a proud person and battled on longer than I should have. I thought a life in bankruptcy was a life sentence. How wrong was I.

After many phone calls to other companies and so called experts who just gave me the run around for over 4 weeks. Finally, someone gave me the phone number of Armada Advisory.

The initial phone assessment with Armada Advisory was quite refreshing to be spoken to in such an understanding way, taking into consideration my age, health & my ongoing commitments. The process was so simple and easy to complete.

The first initial phone conversation, all the my information about the debts and circumstance was taken. The next phone call was info about the solutions. All the solutions were fully explained to me, even the ones I didn’t qualify for.

I was totally confident that bankruptcy was the right option for me, it just made perfect sense.

Once the solution was chosen, I received an info pack which answered all the questions I had floating around in my head. The documents were sent the same day via email and I even signed them with an e-signature (so modern, in today’s world).

Everything was done in a very understanding, professional and business like manner. Even a follow up phone conversation was made to ensure I was fully in the picture of the process.

Armada Advisory’s bankruptcy team handled my bankruptcy and I have felt very comfortable in the manner it was handled. Simple and stress free.

My only regret is that I did not speak to them earlier! I would recommend them to anyone that was in a similar situation as myself.