“I Needed Debt Help” – Louise, SA

Two years ago my finances were a mess and I had no idea how to sort it out. I was directed to Carlo Napolitano at Armada Advisory, I was pretty embarrassed to be sharing how bad my financials were but I also knew I needed to get it sorted out. I needed debt help.
The stress and mental anguish it was causing me was huge, I had got to the point I could no longer ignore it. It was not going to go away without me dealing with it… but i had no idea how.
I contacted Armada Advisory, It was the best decision I made. Carlo made me feel at ease not embarrassed and understood what I was going through. People say “always here for you” this is a token statement that is always said and rarely followed. Carlo said this and he really has always been there. I have messaged him at all hours of the day (And night, when i have been anxious) and he messaged back or spoke with me to ease my worries.
Carlo has been advising me for the past 18 months and today i’m debt free with a great credit score and about to buy my very first brand new car.
None of this would have been achievable with his sound advice, guidance and encouragement.
If my story sounds like you, and you’re smothered by debt and financial stress, do yourself a favour and contact Carlo, it’s literally the best decision i have ever made in terms of my finances.
Louise – Adelaide, South Australia